If you want to travel to Mongolia, it is best to travel to Gobi and Khangai.

We will take you on a unique, beautiful, uniquely landscaped setting. This travel program will travel to Mongolia’s unique natural wonders, experience historical and cultural heritage, the world’s most remarkable nomadic heritage, and experience new sensations every day.  Destination: Ulaanbaatar- Ikh, Baga gazriin chuluu- Yoliin am- Khongoriin els- Bayanzag- Ongiin khiid- Ulaan tsutgalan- Kharkhorin- Elsen Tasarkhai- Ulaanbaatar

Tour Length: 8 days

Transportation: choose

Total distance: 1990 km

Group size: 4 to 12 people
Tour cost:




  • Baga gazriin chuluu
  • Ikh gazriin chuluu
  • Tsagaan suvarga
  • Yoliin am
  • Khongoriin els
  • Bayanzag
  • Ongiin khiid (monastery)
  • Ulaantsutgalan (orkhon waterfall )
  • Kharkhorin- Erdenezuu monastery
  • Elsen Tasarkhai



Tour itinerary

Day 1. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and city tour

After arriving in Ulaanbaatar, You’ll be greeted at the airport and escorted to your hotel. City sightseeing tour including a visit Gandan Monastery with its huge gold plated Buddha, a symbol of Mongolian national pride and cultural revival. See the monks chanting, spin some prayer wheels and view the intricately embroidered thanks. The next spot will be Sukhbaatar square, where all central departments including Government house situated on. Lunch in restaurant.Then visit National Museum of Mongolian History, an excursion to the Zaisan Hill War Memorial to get bearings with a panoramic view of the whole city. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 2. Drive to Ikh gazriin chuluu

This is one of many interesting places in Mongolia. It is a mountain of granite rock in the Gobi desert with a peak of 1706m high. It is afforded opportunity to visit this interesting site. These rocky mountains are situated in Gurvansaikhan sum of Dundgov province. They spread out from west to east covering about 20 kilometers. Overnight in tourist camp.

Day 3. Fly to South Gobi and visit Eagle valley
Up early for a flight to the capital of the South Gobi aimag, Dalanzadgad. The flight takes one and a half hours, and on arrival at the airstrip in the Gobi a local driver will meet you and take you to Yolyn Am, or ‘Eagle Valley’. Take a trip to Yol Am – a wonderfully picturesque place with ice even in summer, and surrounded by sheer rocky walls, forming incredible canyons. Visit Gobi museum. These areas are situated in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park that encompasses the “Three Beauties” peaks and the most easterly points of the Altai Mountains. Overnight in tourist camp.

Day 4. Discover dinosaur’s land
Early breakfast at the camp, we will drive to Bayanzag – biggest saxaul forest and Flaming Cliffs, where you will find the paleontology place, when Roy Andrew Chapman discovered fossilized dinosaurs skeleton and eggs in 1920s. Camel ride for half day cross Flaming Cliffs. Overnight in tourist camp.

Day 5. Ulaan Tsutgalan waterfall

Waterfall Ulaan Tsutgalan is located at the historically important Orkhon valley with volcanic rocks in central Mongolia. Waterfall Ulaan Tsutgalan is also known as Orkhon waterfall or Orkhonii Khurkhree. About 20,000 years ago, the waterfall was formed by an exceptional merge of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The elevation of the waterfall is around 20m (65 feet) whose river flows in an amazing 1120km journey to the north before it joins the grand Selenge River. Overnight in tourist camp

Day 6. Erdenezuu and Karakorum

After breakfast, drive to Karakorum, the symbolic ruins of the 13th century capital of the Mongol Empire. On the way you will see Khusuu Tsaidam, a Turkic inscribed monument of the Turkic State (6th – 8th Centuries A.D). Visit Erdene-Zuu, the oldest monastery, with 108 stupas, built in 1586. Overnight in tourist camp by Orkhon River.


Day 7. Elsen tasarkhai and camel ride trial

Up early morning, drive to Elsen tasarkhai unique area of forest and sand dunes. After lunch in tourist camp, there is an opportunity for a camel ride trial through the desert. In the evening, we will play traditional games and stay overnight in a tourist camp.


Day 8. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar and city tour options

After breakfast, we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar and city tour including souvenir and cashmere shops. In the evening you can attend a concert performance of national folklore before having a farewell dinner. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 9. Departure from Mongolia.

You will be transferred from your hotel to the airport.