If you want to travel to Mongolia, it is best to travel to Khangai National Park and Orkhon Valley.

We will take you on a unique, beautiful, uniquely landscaped setting. This travel program will travel to Mongolia’s unique natural wonders, experience historical and cultural heritage, the world’s most remarkable nomadic heritage, and experience new sensations every day.  Destination: Ulaanbaatar- Khuh Nuur- Baldan Bereeven monastery- Ugluchiin herem (wall)- Dadal- Toson lake- Tsonjinboldog- Ulaanbaatar  


Tour Length: 7 days

Transportation: choose

Total distance: 1240 km

Group size: 4 to 12 people
Tour cost: US$ 1235 – including taxes




  • Tsonjinboldog
  • Khukh Nuur
  • Baldan Bereeven monastery
  • Uglugchiin herem (wall)
  • Dadal
  • Avarga Toson
  • Herlen huduu aral

Tour itinerary

Day 1. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and city tour

After arriving in Ulaanbaatar, You’ll be greeted at the airport and escorted to your hotel. City sightseeing tour including a visit Gandan Monastery with its huge gold plated Buddha, a symbol of Mongolian national pride and cultural revival. See the monks chanting, spin some prayer wheels and view the intricately embroidered thanks. The next spot will be Sukhbaatar square, where all central departments including Government house situated on. Lunch in restaurant.Then visit National Museum of Mongolian History, an excursion to the Zaisan Hill War Memorial to get bearings with a panoramic view of the whole city. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 2. Drive to Khar zurhnii Khukh nuur is the pointed topped mountain on the north side of the lake. Blue Lake is a very important place in Mongolian history particularly of Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khan). Here Temuujin (Chinggis Khaan’s childhood name) was given the title, “Chinggis Khaan”, and was invested as a “The Great Khaan of all Mongolia” in 1189. The stone ruins of a ger with a diameter of 15 meters on the south side of this lake could be the ruins of the palace ger where Chinggis Khaan was proclaimed khan. Overnight in tourist camp. 220 km

Day 3. Early morning drive to Khangal nuur (lake) and Baldan Bereeven monastery. Which was built in 1776. See Dund Jargaltiin monastery in the second century BC. The Rashaan had (rock) is a huge collection of historical writings and is a great historical reminder of ancient nomads.

Day 4. The trip will take you to Chinggis Khaan’s Birthplace, where you will travel to Mongolia’s most famous natural and historical sites. Visit the Buriad family, one of the nomadic ethnic groups, is well acquainted with the culture. Horse trip. Overnight in tourist camp. 170 km.

Day 5. Drive to Avarga toson (Toson nuur). On the way you will see house of Queen. We will then visit a local horseman family. There we have an opportunity to experience their way of life, their culture and traditions. Overnight in tourist camp. 410 km.

Day 6. Trip will take you to Kherlen Khodoo Aral. This place is an exalted historical place for Chingiss Khaan’s son Ugedei Khan. On the way back to Ulaanbaatar you will see the biggest monument of Chinggis Khaan. Place called Tsonjin Boldog. Overnight in the hotel. 250 km.

Day 7. You may choose to do shopping for souvenirs and cashmeres. You will be transferred from your hotel to the airport