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  • 1 Nov
  • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Winter Horse Festival

The goal of Winter Horse Festival is to preserve and promote Mongolia’s nomadic lifestyle and intangible cultural heritage. It is one of the biggest winter events for international and domestic tourists. By taking this initiative, you will travel to the historical sites of Mongolia, familiarize yourself with nomadicand horse culture. The event is organized each year in the first week of November.

Winter Horse Festival Program:

  • Horsemen picnic
  • Short-distance horse riding competition
  • Introduction of famous race horses
  • Introduction of horse зүс нэршлийн
  • Хос морьдын хөтөлгөө, ховор зүсний адууны цуваа
  • Racer children’s parade, Khentii Brand food fair
  • Roping contest “Shurguu 2018”
  • Эмнэг булгиулах тэмцээн
  • Visiting winter pastures
  • Тал нутгийн тайган охойн уралдаан, хийц шалгаруулалт
  • Тожил хийцийн адууны тоноглол, дархан урлалын үзэсгэлэн
  • Photo exhibition
  • Concert

Date & time

1 Nov 2019 , 12:00 am - 11:59 pm